Employee Roles

All employees must be allocated one or more roles. These roles will determine how they will be measured and the access they will have to the Android device.


  1. Harvesting in the field

    1. Add Harvest Items

    2. Add Transfers

  2. Time and Attendance

  3. Measure employee activities


  1. Transport produce from the field to the packhouse

General Worker

  1. Time and Attendance

  2. Harvest monitoring

  3. Activity monitoring

  4. Packhouse monitoring


  1. Receives produce at the packhouse

  2. Despatch produce to the farm stall


  1. Farm stall sales user

Packhouse Supervisor

  1. Time and Attendance in the packhouse

  2. Employee Activities

  3. Pack monitoring

  4. Delivery Processed monitoring

Fuel Supervisor

  1. Fuel Issues to equipment

  2. Fuel Dips

  3. Fuel Deliveries