Navigate to "Management" and click on "Fuel".


Fuel activities are associated with every fuel issue. These activities are used to generate SARS Rebate logbooks.

  1. Click on "Activities" tab

  2. Click on "Add"

  3. Provide a name and a description

  4. If this activity is elligible for a SARS rebate, check the box

  5. Click on "Save"


Fixed Assets created here are used for the fuel module. If no assets are configured yet, add them first.

There are three types of Fuel Assets:

  • Fuel Pump: This is used to issue fuel to any vehicle, equipment or bowser

  • Fuel Bowser: This is used to transfer fuel from the pump to any vehicle or equipment

  • Asset: Any vehicle or equipment that receives fuel

Create new Fuel Asset

  1. Click on the "Fuel Asset" Tab

  2. Click on "Add"

  3. Select the asset from the list

  4. Select the asset type

    • If the type is "Asset"

      • Specify the reading type i.e. hours, kilometers or none

      • Specify the default activity if applicable

  5. Provide exception details

    • Max hour/km reading - If the hour/km between two tanks exceeds this value it will be indicated on the report

    • Fuel tank capacity - If the liters issued exceeds this value it will be indicated on the report

  6. Provide service details.

    • KM or Hour service interval

    • Monthly service interval

  7. Click on 'Save'