Employees and Activities

Expand "Management" in the side navigation and click on "Employees". All employees are divided into the following roles.

Employee Management

Click on the Employees tab

Create Employee

  1. Click on the "Add Employee" button

  2. Specify employee name, surname, employee number and role

    1. Name and Surname are optional fields

    2. Employee number must be unique in the database i.e. if there are duplicates the system will not add the new user

    3. User roles are defined in the beginning of this section

  3. Click on "Save"

Edit Employee

  1. Click on an employee and select "Edit"

Resign Employee

  1. Click on an employee and select "Resign"

Enroll Employee

  1. Toggle the "Resigned" button

  2. Click on an employee and select "Enroll"

Delete Employee

This step will permanently delete the employee.

  1. Resign the desired employee

  2. Toggle the "Resigned button"

  3. Click on the employee and select "Delete Forever"

  4. Click again to confirm


Click on the Activities tab

Create Activity

  1. Click on "Add"

  2. Provide required details

    1. Packhouse Activity - This activity will only be used in the packhouse

    2. Require Job Card - This activity will be hidden untill there is an open job card for that team on a block

  3. If this activity can be measured, supply the following fields

    1. Measurement Unit x Unit Factor = Calculated Unit, i.e. An activity Weeding is measured in 25 meter rows:

      1. Measurement Unit: row

      2. Unit Factor: 25

      3. Calculated Unit: meters


Group employees in teams

Clock Templates

Add working hours for each team