Navigate to "Management" and click on "Assets".

All assets are categorised in two levels: Categories and Groups.

Configuration examples

Landini Tractor

  • Category: Vehicle

  • Group: Tractor

  • Name: Landini GHT 890 NW

STHIL Chainsaw

  • Category: Power Tools

  • Group: Chainsaw

  • Name: STIHL Chainsaw 1


  1. Click on the Categories tab

  2. Click on "Add"

  3. Provide a category name and description

    • e.g. "Vehicles" for all tractors and bakkies

  4. Click on "Save"


  1. Click on the Groups tab

  2. Click on "Add"

  3. Select the Category in which this group will belong

    • e.g. "Vehicles"

  4. Provide a name and description for this group

    • e.g. "Tractors"

  5. Click on "Save"


Two types of assets can be created i.e. Consumables and Fixed assets.

Fixed Assets - Fixed assets are long-term assets that a company has purchased and is using for the production of its goods and services.

  • Toyota Hilux Double Cab with registration number ABC 123 MP

  • STIHL Chainsaw MS 310

Consumable Assets - Consumables are assets that are not tracked individually, but as a group of the same model.

  • Clothing

  • Packaging

  • PPE

Add Asset

  1. Click on the Asset Tab

  2. Click on "Add"

  3. Select the Category

  4. Select the Group in the Category

  5. Provide a name and description for this asset

  6. Select whether this asset is a consumable

  7. Click on "Save"