Add Pack Item

Ensure that your pack groups and items have been setup correctly.


  1. Login as a packhouse supervisor

  2. Choose the type of produce being packed

  3. Choose the supplier being packed for

  4. Choose the item being packed

  5. Click on the Pack icon in the bottom navigation bar

  6. Input the required data for the pack item

    1. Enter the number of items being packed

    2. Optionally select a block from where the item is sourced

      1. This option is only available if there is a current active block where this produce is planted

    3. Optionally toggle the Rework switch to mark this item as being reworked

      1. This will mark this as a negative item

    4. Optionally add a Batch Number for the item being packed

    5. Click on the green arrow button

  7. Scan the employee tag responsible for the pack item

  8. View the new pack item in the summary list by returning to the overview screen

    1. If there is an issue with the item long press on the item to flag it for review

  9. View or edit the item on the portal under data review