Transfer Consumable Asset

Ensure that your assets have been configured and set as consumable assets


  1. Login to the application as a foreman

  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner

  3. Click on Asset Transfer

  4. Click on Transfer

  5. Choose whether the asset is being issued or received by selecting either Issue or Receive

  6. Select the category of the asset

  7. Select the group of the asset

  8. Select the asset

  9. Enter the number of items being issued or received

  10. Press the green arrow button

  11. Scan the employee’s tag responsible for receiving or returning the asset

    1. The tags can be scanned one after the other without any additional input

  12. View the new asset transfer item in the summary list by returning to the overview screen

    1. If there is an issue with the item long press on the item to flag it for review

  13. View or edit the item on the portal under data review