Add Harvest Item


  1. Click on the harvest button in the bottom navigation menu

  2. Enter the number of items harvested by the employee

    1. The harvest unit is displayed here. Progress to the next screen by pressing enter or on the arrow.

    2. This can be configured on the portal under variant management

    3. The variant can also be setup with multiple harvest unit conversions on the portal under variant management

      1. If the variant has multiple conversions, first select the correct option and then proceed with entering the number of units

  3. Scan the employee tag to assign the entered number of harvest items to the employee

    1. If tag is scanned successfully a confirmation message will be displayed

    2. Optionally click on lost tag button to enter an employee number and assign the harvested items to the corresponding employee

  4. View new harvest item in the summary list of the selected block

    1. If there is an issue with the item long press on the item to flag it for review

  5. View or edit the item on the portal under data review